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Sudan is just South of Egypt. 41,087,825 people live in Sudan. Sudan's land area is huge. Its 2,505,813 square kilometers. The GDP per capita is $2,200. Not a very rich country. I don't see why considering the U.S. sends them money all the time.
Sudan Boarders the Red Sea. The Red Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water ever because of its evaporation rate. This is the sea which Moses parted to free the Jews from Egypt.

Unfortunately, Sudan has many civil war type conflicts that have been going on for a couple decades. Its horrible; rebel groups will kidnap children from rural villages and use them for their army. It has something to do with religion and the government
So for now I'd suggest to stay out of Sudan for a while. Unless your a peace keeper trying to make this country a better non-civil conflict place.civilwarinsudan.jpgMideast_Sudan_North_.jpg

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Australia is between the South Pacific and Indian Ocean. 21,262,641 people live in Australia.
Australia is 2,988,901 square miles big. Way more than enough room to for a ton of more people to live on.
The GDP per capita is $38,000
Some of the languages spoken in Australia are English, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Arabic, and Vietnamese.
Australia looks like a giant desert.desertoz.jpg

There's very long stretches of road that seem to go on forever and go nowhere.outback-australia.jpg

Kangaroos live here in Australia. They are a very unique animal.red-2d20ka..2dsmall.jpg

Unfortunately, it is really freaking hot here. I guess lots of wild fires happen here. Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it.wildfireinaustralia.png

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Washington State. Mt. St. Helens

The state of Washington is in the Very North West side of the continental United States. Washington probably has some of most amazing scenery in the United States.
About 6,549,224 people live in Washington. But there's more than enough room for all of them to live considering there's 71,342 square miles to live on. The GDP per capita is $41,203. Washington borders the North Pacific Ocean.

A well known spot in Washington is Mt. St. Helens. The most recent major eruption was in 1980. The blast was more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped at Hiroshima at Japan in 1945. Almost 60 people were killed and over 300 structures were destroyed. the north face of the volcano was completely destroyed due to the pre land slide and then a horizontal blast.

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Colombia is in Northern South America. It borders the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. 45,644,000 people live here. Colombia's land area is 439,737 square miles. Its almost twice the size of Texas. GDP per capita is around $9000. The people of Colombia speak Spanish. Colombia is kinda in the rainforest so it is lush and full of vegetation. columbia.png A fun fact is that coco fields are in plain view from satellite images. Coco is the plant used to make cocaine. If you chew on plain coco leaves, you will gain a burst of energy for a while.Cocaine_field.png But this doesn't mean Colombia is full of bad people and things. Colombia is a great place to see a sun set as presented by this picture. Cartagena.png So go and visit Colombia some time. Bogota__Columbia.png

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Surprisingly, only 306,694 people live in Iceland. Thats ok because there's only 39,769 square miles of Iceland. GDP per capita is almost $40,000. Iceland is in the very north part of the Atlantic Ocean. The languages of Iceland are Icelandic, English, Nordic languages, and German is widely spoken. There's a lot of wide open an amazing landscapes where ever anyone will go in Iceland.Eyjafjordur_iceland.pngicelandwf.pnganotherwfice.png A nice public place to go in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon is where a bunch of hot springs are. Its looks very relaxing.blue_lagoon.png

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